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Distracted & Struggling Towards Christ [entries|friends|calendar]

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Problem with a Community? Let Me Know [07 May 2013|11:18pm]
Because I only get TIMELY notifications of post submissions and private submissions once in a blue moon, please comment here instead of PMing me.
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[09 May 2013|01:15pm]
If I have hurt you in the last few years I am truly sorry.
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[12 Jan 2013|08:23am]
Friends Only banner

Banner by spilledblood, edited slightly by elise_maxwell.

Layout and background image by stink0bug.

Thanks to miphileg, tiinadoll, bohemianbeauty, omg_its_gackt and dozens of others for the graphics.

Most of all, thanks to my dear friends.

Note: Pretty much dead. :- (
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[02 Nov 2012|09:33pm]
Streaming Moon Child

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hide is the Elvis of J Rock [29 Jan 2012|01:18am]
>Go to price check Samus Aran figma on AmiAmi
>HIDE doll on the front page

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How HIGH do You Have to Be? [14 Sep 2011|07:58pm]
[ mood | evil ]

rosie_frey just tried to post Bunraku to dears, which is getting a theatrical release in several countries, is already available on iTunes, and has a DVD/BD release date of November 1.

Please feel free to throw rocks at her.

How HIGH do you even have to be to do something like that?

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Blurry Eyes [07 Aug 2011|02:01pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I really miss all my LJ icons but I can't afford to continue paying for a service that only works 50% of the time lately.

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Alfons Mucha Princess Leia Shirt [24 Jul 2011|11:52am]

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

T-shirt get. I think it's only available for today.
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Hardware Failure [06 Jun 2011|06:24pm]
Either my processor or motherboard (or both) has (have) died and I don't have the server information for my POP3 e-mail to set it up elsewhere.

If you need to get in touch with me, please use IMs, Facebook, Steam, or Gmail.
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Lost Things Found [29 Apr 2011|11:56pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Found: Kimono book. This is a huge relief that I didn't leave it somewhere on vacation. But I have no use for it now that I actually know where it is.

Lost: Tokyo travel guide given to me back in 2005 by my Japanese teacher with cool shit she recommended highlighted. I hope I can track this down.

Somewhat related: I crack myself up:


The original.

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Discussing P'UNK Version of "I Wish" [24 Mar 2011|01:00am]
[ mood | content ]

(Laura): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pzDvUQUxRw

(Sarah): Oh wait, I did see this. I just washed my brain with anti-septic.

(Laura): LOL OH YOU.
(Laura): Sarah gonna hate.

(Sarah): LOL Hey, I'm like a kid who is in denial about their parents divorce
(Sarah): It's not RIGHT if they're doing something seperate

(Laura): Hahaha but this was when they were still together.

(Sarah): "This is mommy's new friend, Kaz."

(Sarah): Kaz: Hey there, SPORT! You like motorcyles?

(Laura): IOFJSDLFhae HAHAHAHA But you liked the Faith album I thought!

(Sarah): I like 666 and Faith yeah

(Laura): SPORT, that's such an awkward step=-dad sounding kind of thing.

(Sarah): YES exactly.

(Sarah): Cut to me running up the stairs screaming, "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL GUITARIST!"

(Laura): *dying*


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For Game of Thrones Fans [22 Mar 2011|12:02am]
[ mood | content ]

Platypus: Have you met Renly yet by chance?

vaeran: Yes! He's awesome

Platypus: Okay I can send this after all: what the fuck is this shit. Renly has short hair, THIS IS NOT FABULOUS ENOUGH. He's too vain and... and... and FABULOUS for short hair

Vaeran: He walks out of the super srs conference snickering about Joffrey's gay sword name

Platypus: Renly is a fucking boss

Vaeran: Whatever, I like short hair. :3c Let me have this one

Platypus: XD I mean he still looks cool it's just... I've got high hopes

Vaeran: He's described as having short hair in the book though

Platypus: Really? I must be thinking of Loras Tyrell

Vaeran: Oh, haven't met him yet

Platypus: Who I don't think has appeared y.. yeah. Disregard!

Vaeran: Oh wait... okay, never mind, it says Renly has hair down to his shoulders
Vaeran: I'll be over here chowing down on dicks


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I Love Cactu [20 Mar 2011|05:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Stay Away with all members of L'Arc performed entirely by one person by my request.


I love this kid.

P.S. The Prologue:

Probably funnier if you have seen Dote up a Cat (which is funny in its own right due to Engrish lyrics) or, well, if you know him, but posting in case I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of Brits lip syncing to moe-moe catgirl songs as though they were HEAVY METAL. There's also a sort of striptease? IDEK BUT I LAUGHED.

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Wikipedia Editors are Fuckheads, Thanks NYT [04 Feb 2011|08:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I stumbled over an article in the New York Times asking why there are so few female Wikipedia editors.

My comment ended up being excessively long and I think everyone should know that articles about real-world locations have been deleted in favor of 384623 pages unnecessarily detailing Harry Potter, Warhammer, sex acts, furry conventions, etc. so I'm posting this here too.

Why don't I, a woman, edit Wikipedia? I'll happily tell you why.

Because if you are not part of the clique of semi-professional Wikipedia editors who basically squat on a vast majority of articles, your edits are not welcome, regardless of whether or not you dot all your Is, cross all your Ts, cite sources (English only, if the editors can't understand the article then your source doesn't count) and carefully ensure that all rules are followed.

I could name half a dozen articles I have tried to edit with current, relevant information or attempt to correct hyperbole or rumor listed as fact and someone with a colorful name and fancy Wikipedia profile inevitably redacts it, half the time without even an explanation. Typically it's because it isn't relevant "enough," but given bizarre and obscure articles like Warhammer 42k races and pornographic anime are allotted a novella's worth of space, I fail to see why something like a famous celebrity's childhood anecdotes [I forgot to mention "that later shaped his career"] as mentioned in his autobiography would be "not relevant enough."

Then there's the fact that entire articles devoted to factual things have been removed. Again, there are small novels devoted to off-the-wall fictional crap but for some reason the articles for two of my favorite prefectures to visit in Tokyo have been deleted.

That's right, the articles for actual locations where over a thousand people live aren't "relevant" or "useful" enough for Wikipedia but lengthy articles about things like furry conventions, erotic lactation, facials (and I don't mean the kind you get at a spa), and Harry Potter shipping.

I wouldn't donate to Jimbo Wales' massive money-making baby (sources here) if my life depended on it.
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J Music.tv [02 Feb 2011|05:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Why on earth is anyone sticking up for a site that sold a bootleg for $250? I don't understand why there is a debate about this at all. Everyone should be giving them the finger.

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[13 Dec 2010|11:15pm]
I'm going to try to do better. I'm really sorry I have become so closed off and self-absorbed.
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[20 Nov 2010|01:55am]
I think I'm going to close dears at the beginning of 2011. There just isn't a point.

Not delete it -- that would be a dick move of massive proportions and everyone has my permission to shoot me right in the face if I ever do that -- but... close it down.

There's just no reason to try and co-exist with ohgacktyoudidnt, it's pretty much superior in every way (except I can't read the navigation text at the top but that's all I can think of). Multiple communities devoted to exactly the same thing is dumb and dears is a superfluous dinosaur with the shadow of old drama and DERP hanging over it.

Okay, I won't. It just seems simpler to get everything from OGYD instead but I don't want to be a jerkbag and upset people just because I don't get it.

I'm not stepping down though. :B COLD DEAD HANDS etc.
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Thanks Yet Again [17 Oct 2010|05:14pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I framed my Tamasaburo flyer today. I kept forgetting to bring it out with me and go shopping because I knew it wasn't a standard size. It just barely fits into a silver 8" x 10". I kept the navy blue sample paper that was in it because it makes a nice backing.

Thanks, aoi_shu. I treasure it.


TIME TO BEAT MASS EFFECT 2. I was so set on hooking up with Garrus but Thane turned out to be so... tragic and bittersweet that I HNNNNGGGGGHHHHH.

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Money Well Spent [10 Oct 2010|04:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It was a lot of money but I'm glad I spent it. I got to meet so many cool people, including omg_its_gackt, inkcharm_666, its_art, dispar_gackt (who was so kind and thankful re: dears), askfha I forgot a bunch of LJ names, so terrible, but everyone was SO nice and welcoming even though I got there so late. Thanks to them I was able to have pretty much the best spot possible. JU-KEN ALL UP IN OUR FACES. I really need to try to be on the right next time since I haven't seen much of Kaz since 2006.

Ju-ken kept a straight face for longer than I've ever seen him able to do so (about three songs). Jin looks like he's lost weight and that plus some make-up and a badass goatee have taken 15 years off him.

I thought Kaz was going to accidentally lose his guitar in the audience he spun it around so much and so fast.

And Hyde was precious. A little subdued but he gave an excellent performance. Wish I could have heard his voice better but we were in front of the speakers and the sound was kind of shitty.

I can't remember the entire set list but most of Beast + "Life On Mars," "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," "Trouble," "Dolly," and "Hunting," which is impossibly fun. "I AM HUNGRY. HUNGRY FOR... FOR..." "CRABS?" I yelled. This got a lot of laughs in Baltimore last year but didn't really make sense in New York. I couldn't resist though. "I AM HUNGRY FOR CRAZY AMERICANS" He eventually finished.

Apparently the encore was the same everywhere but I was really pleased the crowd was able to coordinate enough BANG. AND. STOMP EVERYBODY and get to hear "Revolution" -- and "Love Addict" and "Midnight Celebration." Fuck yes 666.

So I am home -- tired and sore (being against the barrier did a number on the undersides of my arms and crushed the wire of my bra into my breastbone so much that it hurts now, derp) but home safe. My airport experience was one of the best ever since I had no luggage to fret over and all of my flights (all four of them due to the connections) were on time, or even early. This is a huge relief since something usually goes wrong when I am at an airport and then I flip out and bite everyone's heads off (poor mitsuchan can sadly attest to this).

Did I mention I'm so glad I went? I'm so glad I went.

And it was neat to see a little of New York too. I (accidentally) walked a couple circles around Carnegie Hall and the venue was right by Times Square.

I regret mentioning Ju-ken's water bottle masturbation (JACKING OFF IN OUR FACES LAWL) antics on Facebook due to 2/3 of my Facebook having no clue who he is but LOL OH WELL.

I am so thankful.

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Writer's Block: You and me and baby makes three [23 Sep 2010|12:02pm]
[ mood | hmm ]

Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?

Although I am a Christian, I still think there should be a limit to the number of children people have. Call me a dirty hippie but the world is looking at overpopulation issues and resources are limited. The US won't have a huge fresh water supply forever and there are places where people have to walk for miles to reach the nearest source of fresh water (or get dysentery if they drink from closer water supplies).

TL;DR I think it's selfish to have more than five children and even five is kind of pushing it.
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